Original Sacred Harp: Centennial Edition (Pitts Theology Library and Sacred Harp Publishing Company, 2015).
Original Sacred Harp: Centennial Edition.

Joseph Stephen James, ed., Original Sacred Harp: Centennial Edition, Centennial Edition ed., Jesse P. Karlsberg (Atlanta, GA: Pitts Theology Library; Carrollton, GA: Sacred Harp Publishing Company, 2015 [1911]).

Media coverage:


Folklore’s Filter: Race, Place, and Sacred Harp Singing” (Ph.D. dissertation, Emory University, 2015),


  • Honorable Mention, Wiley Housewright Dissertation Award, Society for American Music.
  • Finalist, Allan Nevins Dissertation Prize, Society of American Historians.

Media coverage:

Refereed Journal Article

Ireland’s First Sacred Harp Convention: ‘To Meet To Part No More,’” Southern Spaces, November 30, 2011,

Selected Non-Refereed Articles

Raymond Cooper Hamrick: Sacred Harp Craftsman,” Georgia Music News 72, no. 2 (Winter 2011): 74–76.

Articles for the Southern Spaces Blog

Articles for the Country Dance and Song Society News

Articles for the Sacred Harp Publishing Company Newsletter

Selected Shape-note Music

“Douglasville” and “Wilscot,” in Myles Louis Dakan, John W. DelRe, Leyland W. DelRe, Nora Dunn, Rachel Wells Hall, Daniel Hunter, Kelly Macklin, and Robert Stoddard, eds., The Shenandoah Harmony (Berryville, VA: Shenandoah Harmony Publishing Company, 2013), 142, 434–435.

“National Blessings,” in Johnny Lee and Karen Willard, eds., The Sacred Harp: Revised Cooper Edition (Samson, AL: Sacred Harp Book Company, 2012), 594.

“Clinton,” “Hamrick,” and “Newton,” in Larry Gordon, Anthony Barrand, and Carole Moody Compton, eds., Northern Harmony (Marshfield, VT: Northern Harmony Publishing Company, 2012),  46–47, 104, 178–179.

Tunes in The Trumpet

  • Waddell Street,” The Trumpet 4, no. 2 (December 2014): 178.
  • Anniston,” The Trumpet 3, no. 3 (November 2013): 148.
  • Farewell Brethren,” The Trumpet 3, no. 3 (November 2013): 148.
  • Akerman,” The Trumpet 3, no. 1 (February 2013): 102–103.
  • Now I Was Free,” The Trumpet 2, no. 2 (May 2012): 80–81.
  • Clinton,” The Trumpet 2, no. 1 (January 2012): 49.
  • Auburndale,” The Trumpet 1, no. 2 (June 2011): 21.

Selected Digital Humanities and Multimedia Projects

Readux. New open source digital tool for reading and annotating digitized works, and exporting the digital images with annotations as web-based digital editions. Built by the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship. Lead developer, Rebecca Koeser. Product manager, Sara Palmer. Annotation and export consultant, Jesse P. Karlsberg. Anticipated completion date, July 2016.

FaSoLa Minutes. iOS and Android application enabling users to read, search, and interpret minutes recording the proceedings of Sacred Harp singings taken from 1995–present. Programmed by Mark Godfrey and Mike Richards. Designed by Lauren Bock. Project manager, Jesse P. Karlsberg. Version 1.0, 2013; Version 2.0, 2015.

Songs of the Sacred Harp. Half-hour BBC Radio 4 documentary on Sacred Harp singing’s history and recent spread to Europe. Narrated by Cerys Matthews. Produced and edited by Joby Waldman. Main interview subject and historical advisor, Jesse P. Karlsberg. 2013.

New Compositions in the Style of The Sacred Harp. Web site featuring new tunes, written in the styles of The Sacred Harp, by composers from the United States and the United Kingdom. Programmed, designed, and edited by Jesse P. Karlsberg. 2007–present.

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