Help Document Sacred Harp Singing Locations

Digitized records of the Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings from 1995–2013 are published by the Sacred Harp Musical Heritage Association. Mark T. Godfrey, Nathan Rees, and I are working to improve the quality of minutes data and publish it in a queryable format. An early project drawing on this data is the “FaSoLa Minutes” iOS app, built by Mark Godfrey and designed by Lauren Bock.

We’re now trying to gather GPS coordinates for all the singing locations represented in the minutes. You can help us by submitting the coordinates for locations where singings have been held through a simple Google form.

If you have an iPhone you can use this free app to find the coordinates for singing locations you visit. This Wikipedia page features instructions for finding GPS coordinates on the web. We occasionally update this Google map of singing locations whose coordinates volunteers have collected.

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